Thursday, March 6, 2008


The year that wild young swan,
Simple mindedly thought,
The warm loving lap of lake,
Won`t freez in cold winter ,
The lake,
The lake did n`t freeze miraculously.


I don`t get angry anymore,
When I see someone,
Who does n`t get why,
He is always a winner,
When he plays cards,
By himself....

Before I could grasp

When I slip over my glass life,
Before I could grasp,
Thorny bush of hopes,
Broken sharp edges,
Scratches deeply all over me,
The splashed warm blood of dream,
Finds way to run on my nerve,
To reach to my spirit.


How dare to ask a pen,
To run on tip toe,
In blank winter of whiteness,
Across the cold sheet of paper,
Which is wide as limited as your mind,
With trust to fingers support,
While the fingers are shaking,
In heal storm of mad thoughts,
Not daring to leave marks.


When the dark clouds,
Fill the sky of my heart,
My eyes burst to tears,
From the joy of,
Following rainbow.


When in Rome,
Do as Romans do,
Wear as Romans wear,
Eat as Romans eat,
Talk as Romans talk,
Walk as Romans walk,
& don't surprise,
If found yourself,
Fixed on a cross,
Because it deserves well,
A mirror at your size,
Be fixed so firm,